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Make a claim

Whenever you need to make a claim – we’re here for you.

This means we will deal with your claim in a quick, non-fussy way; putting your needs first. When an accident happens, immediate action is often needed. But please take due care. Your safety is always our priority. If applicable, and safe to do so, please try to protect your property and belongings from further damage; such as switching off the gas, electricity and water etc.

To make a Tenants Home Insurance claim, please call our dedicated 24 hour telephone number 0300 3032 001. If you do need to call our Claims Helpline, please have your policy number handy. While most claims can be agreed over the phone, there may be times when we will ask you to complete a claim form and provide us with further information.

Full details of how to make a claim are in your Tenants Home Insurance policy booklet.